The Anti-Evolution headteacher

The Guardian has an article all about Christina Wilkinson, a headteacher of St Andrew’s Church of England school in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, and it principally concerns her response to a tweet by teacher Tom Sherrington about an evolution assembly. She tweeted a reply on the 26th January that … Evolution is not a fact, That’s why it’s called … Read more

Claim: “Renowned Chemist Says Evolutionists Do Not Understand the Origin of Life”

So the Christian News Network, has an article entitled “Renowned Chemist Says Evolutionists Do Not Understand the Origin of Life“, and that surprises me because the word, “Evolutionist” is one that tends to be utilised by highly religious folks taking an anti-science stance and is not a word deployed by “renowned chemists”, thus I was curious … Read more

How do believers cope with evidence that conflicts with the belief?

A rather obvious example of evidence that conflicts with a belief is perhaps the availability of fossil evidence that reveals to us how early humans emerged and evolved. So how do those that truly believe that a god made us exactly as we are, cope with the rather obvious evidence that clearly demonstrates that the belief … Read more