Things to do in Portland – Visit Washington Park MAX station

washington park

Yes there are cool things to do in Portland, and no this is not officially one of them, and so, yes, I really am recommending that if given the chance to do it, that you check out a Transit station. Trust me … it is not just a weird recommendation, and no, you will not … Read more

Catholic Church refuses to divest schools or respect human rights in Ireland

Atheist Ireland reports on the latest developments … It is increasingly clear that the Catholic Church will not divest any schools to other patron bodies unless they are forced to do so. In fact they have reinforced their position of opposing human rights standards in education, by rejecting the Toledo Guiding Principles. Even Prof John Coolahan … Read more

How do believers cope with evidence that conflicts with the belief?

A rather obvious example of evidence that conflicts with a belief is perhaps the availability of fossil evidence that reveals to us how early humans emerged and evolved. So how do those that truly believe that a god made us exactly as we are, cope with the rather obvious evidence that clearly demonstrates that the belief … Read more

Cosmos under attack

As one might expect, the anti-science brigade in the US, commonly referred to as the religious right, is out in force and has a stake setup in some courtyard ready to burn the rebooted Cosmos. In fact, one can’t help but get the feeling that regardless of the actual content, they were ready to be … Read more