Hurricanes – How you can really help?

hurricane charity

The practical tips on how to really help via a good charity are further down. First comes a bit of fun that points out some of the utterly absurd and quite frankly daft claims from the more extreme fringes of the religious community. Being faced with such silly claims from con men who are using … Read more Hurricanes – How you can really help?

Rejecting “Atheist” money … again! …WWJD?

A few days ago I was writing about the Murrow Indian Children’s Home that rejected a donation because it was being offered by a non-religious person. I truly thought I was done, and that was the end of the story, but no, the saga continues to roll, and so here are a few more updates. Matt, who … Read more Rejecting “Atheist” money … again! …WWJD?

Children’s Home Refuses $28,000 Donation

You would perhaps expect a Children’s Charity that has been established to provide a home and support for abused kids would gratefully receive any and every donation offered …. but apparently not. So this is what happened. This is a story about how Matt Wilbourn and his wife (pictured above) attempted to make a donation to a … Read more Children’s Home Refuses $28,000 Donation

Survival of the Fittest

Where does the term “Survival of the Fittest” actually come from, and what does it really mean? The context for asking this is that there is a prevailing myth regarding this term that needs to be robustly challenged. To illustrate exactly why lets turn to well-known evangelist Ray Comfort for some “inspiration” on this topic. … Read more Survival of the Fittest

Cancer Relief UK has been conned and may now be out of business

There is a tragic tale today about Cancer Relief UK. They are one of a myriad of smaller organisations who beaver away to provide the little – and sometimes not so little – extras which make the lives of cancer sufferers rather more bearable. Founded by Tracy and Steve Coupe in 2008, they give grants … Read more Cancer Relief UK has been conned and may now be out of business