The Promotion of BS by UK Charities


The basic concept of a charitable organisation is of course well understood. On a legal level, an officially established body is focused on an activity that is designed to promote social well-being and hence does not exist to make a profit. Their finances are open and public, and often they also have income that comes … Read more The Promotion of BS by UK Charities

Children’s Home Refuses $28,000 Donation

You would perhaps expect a Children’s Charity that has been established to provide a home and support for abused kids would gratefully receive any and every donation offered …. but apparently not. So this is what happened. This is a story about how Matt Wilbourn and his wife (pictured above) attempted to make a donation to a … Read more Children’s Home Refuses $28,000 Donation

Survival of the Fittest

Where does the term “Survival of the Fittest” actually come from, and what does it really mean? The context for asking this is that there is a prevailing myth regarding this term that needs to be robustly challenged. To illustrate exactly why lets turn to well-known evangelist Ray Comfort for some “inspiration” on this topic. … Read more Survival of the Fittest

Apparently the Earthquake in Napal was caused by humans being sinful

It would appear to be rather inevitable that whenever something tragic happens, up will pop some religious person to utilise it as a soapbox for the promotion of a specific religious stance, and so up pops Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis to explain it as follows … starting from the history recorded in God’s … Read more Apparently the Earthquake in Napal was caused by humans being sinful