Climate Change: Hurricanes are strengthening faster


A new study published on 7th February 2019 reveals that the intensity of Hurricanes is increasing and that the cause of this is Climate Change. Let’s go directly to the alpha source and see what this is all about. Recent increases in tropical cyclone intensification rates Published in Nature Communications, it explains that tropical cyclones … Read more

Hurricanes are slowing down and that’s bad – #Climate


A new study published in Nature on 6th June reveals that on a global scale Hurricanes, or to be a tad more precise, Tropical Cyclones, are slowing down. That sounds good, but in fact it is quite the opposite and is very bad for those under the path of a Hurricane that is moving more … Read more

Hurricanes – How you can really help?

hurricane charity

The practical tips on how to really help via a good charity are further down. First comes a bit of fun that points out some of the utterly absurd and quite frankly daft claims from the more extreme fringes of the religious community. Being faced with such silly claims from con men who are using … Read more