Survival of the Fittest

Where does the term “Survival of the Fittest” actually come from, and what does it really mean? The context for asking this is that there is a prevailing myth regarding this term that needs to be robustly challenged. To illustrate exactly why lets turn to well-known evangelist Ray Comfort for some “inspiration” on this topic. … Read more

Evolution – Some new discoveries

It was Darwin’s birthday this week (he was 203 on 12 Feb) and so the fact that my thoughts have been turning in that direction is being reflected in what I have been writing this week. Today, I’d like to turn away from commenting on the utter insanity of the draft claims made some religious … Read more

Utterly Potty Claim: “Teaching Evolution leads to Nazism!!” … really?

I’m prompted by the article in today’s UK Guardian by Katherine Stewart. She writes about, “The new anti-science assault on US schools“. Yes indeed, the US creationists appear to have taken a page directly out of “Night of the Living Dead”, and even after a fatal blow to their lunacy was delivered by the 2005 decision of … Read more

Was Darwin a racist, is natural selection a racist ideology? – Nope.

Its Charles Darwin’s birthday today … (he was born 12 Feb 1809). There is much I could write, and would like to write about him, but right now I feel it to be appropriate to examine the truly daft claim that many believers put forward. In addition to the usual “Evolution is a lie” crap, … Read more