Obama is the Antichrist!!!

Westboro Baptist Church attorney Margie Phelps said Sunday that President Barack Obama was probably a sign of the Apocalypse. She is quoted as saying … “The president is going to be king of the world before this is all said and done and he is most likely The Beast spoken of in the Revelation,” she … Read more

The Christchurch Gay Quake Hoax

A website has appeared that has sent portions of the media (and for that matter the blog-sphere) into a feeding frenzy. It claims that Christchurch’s devastating earthquake was an act of God triggered by the tolerance of homosexual behaviour in the city. Sound familiar? perhaps so, because it has a sort of “westboro baptist church” … Read more

Apparently God talks back to Pat Robertson

Many folks talk to God, however, what is truly frightening is when you encounter folks who claim that God has been talking to them. One such character is the famous (or infamous) Pat Robertson. He claims that God has been chatting to him about what will happen in 2011. So what whispers has he heard? … Read more

Jesus due to return on 21 May 2011

Apparently billboards are appearing all over the US announcing that Jesus will return on 21st May 2011 … (Insert your favorite scoff here). These have all been put up by folks who are followers of Harold Camping. Who? … (Yea, thats exactly what I thought as well, and no I’ve never heard of him either). … Read more

A monument to pure stupidity

There exists a Creation Museum out in Kentucky run by “Answers in Genesis”. They believe in the literal text of Genesis, young earth, evolution is a myth … etc… the usual Creationist kooky stuff … or so I thought. I’ve always considered them to be nuts, but until now I simply did not appreciate how … Read more

Yet More Creationist email for PZ …

When a kooky creationist email pops up, it deserves the satire and mocking that PZ dispenses over on Pharyngula to the great amusement of us all, but what happens when a 12 years old attempts to take him on? It can be argued that an adult has had sufficient time in this world to read … Read more