The Origin of by Mormons … by South Park

As a teen who did not have too much to do on a Saturday morning I occasionally drifted down to the shopping arcade in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, to amuse myself by trolling the Mormon missionaries who, as regular as clockwork, set up shop to reach out to the unwashed locals. Many might indeed view them … Read more

Mormons: Don’t buy into the myth that raising kids in the church will benefit them … it won’t

Generally Mormons are decent, honest, respectful, and don’t have a culture that involves either alcohol or drugs, and so because of this some might argue that even if the actual beliefs are not true, being part of the culture can be beneficial. “Raise your kids Mormon, because they nurture things such as public speaking, athletics, … Read more

Mormons and Racism

Tresa Edmunds writes a rather interesting article in the Guardian all about Racism within the Mormon church, she basically explains that they have now come clean and admitted they got it all wrong … The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints announced the publication of a new edition of the scriptures on 1 … Read more

Mormonism: It is weirder than you think.

We know that many belief systems make truly weird assertions, but some truly do push the boat far out into uncharted territory. One classic example are the Mormons. You might indeed have the impression that you have a gasp on what they believe, but do you? For example, the following is quite well known: No … Read more

Magical Claims from Mormons about the “Titius-Bode Law”

While out walking a few weeks ago I was intercepted by a couple of young clean-cut chaps wearing suits and a sugar smile that instantly screamed “Mormon missionary” from at least 500 yards. I’ll not bore you with the conversation, it was, as you might expect, very predictable. For me it was perhaps entertaining, but … Read more