Children ‘at risk’ in Christian fundamentalist schools in the UK

The subject line “Children ‘at risk’ in Christian fundamentalist schools in the UK” might appear to be an anti-religious rant, but this an official warning that has been issued by Ofsted as part of their response to evidence raised by journalists working for the UK’s Independent. Previous Revelations In June 2016, The […]

Response to a Christian’s letter to an Atheist

Over in a blog, a Christian has written a letter to an Atheist. It contains the usual heavy dose of saccharine, and yes I mean saccharine because it is a truly artificial sweetener that has been deployed … We had a discussion this week that I found to be an incredible […]

Transhumanism blends with Christian beliefs

Christianity is something I need not explain because we are all familiar with the buzzwords, Jesus, Eternal life, etc… ah but what about the word, “Transhumanism”, what does that mean to you? Well that is defined as … an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making […]

Claim: There is “Evidence” that demands a verdict for Jesus

Jerry Newcombe, a Christian apologist, has a posting up that is entitled “A challenge to skeptics: an Easter message“. Ooooh, a challenge, who can resist, so I thought I’d take a look (spoiler alert: don’t hold your breath waiting to be challenged because you won’t be). Have you ever heard of […]

I’m a Christian Business and I want to fire a pregnant non-Christian employee

Now be warned, I have some serious doubts that this is real, and I would advise an appropriate degree of caution being applied, I strongly suspect somebody manufactured this to simply stir up a bit of attention. So the story is that an anonymous poster popped up on Reddit seeking […]

Christian Myth: “Christianity is a loving peaceful belief system” 1

I blogged yesterday about the extreme ideas that are rather popular within mainstream Islam, so perhaps it is only fair to turn that coin over and look at the competition … “Christianity”. It is generally asserted to be a peaceful and loving belief, and promoted as such, but once again […]