Is Weird Religious News Bigotry?

weird religious news

Because I blog every day I find that I tend to fall into a pattern. About once a week I scan the news and list out items that happened during the past seven days that is utterly absurd and has been inspired by religious belief. Key Point 1: The list is not a suggestion or … Read more

Summary of the Richard Dawkins AMA

A few days ago Richard Dawkins popped up on Reddit and did a AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. As you might expect there were thousands of comments and so only a small subset of the questions could be addressed in any meaningful manner … It started as follows … Hello Reddit. This is Richard Dawkins, ethologist … Read more

I’m a Christian Business and I want to fire a pregnant non-Christian employee

Now be warned, I have some serious doubts that this is real, and I would advise an appropriate degree of caution being applied, I strongly suspect somebody manufactured this to simply stir up a bit of attention. So the story is that an anonymous poster popped up on Reddit seeking legal guidance, in fact here … Read more

and the most epic prank award goes to … Casino Roy

This one is quite frankly the most hilarious thing I have seen in ages and had me laughing out loud. The story is that Reddit user Casino Roy put together one of the very best pranks I’ve ever seen as follows: Step 1: Search Facebook for people with the same name as him Step 2: Recreate the profile … Read more