Religions Discrimination: Ordering Satan-themed cakes – #SatanCakes

Well hey, its Halloween, so let’s go for a Satanic Temple themed posting. In reality, this is a posting about religiously inspired discrimination. You might perhaps be tempted to think that an article dated 31st Oct about a Satan themed cake is simply a Halloween spoof. It is perhaps true that my timing is a … Read more

What is the most potent force that divides humans today?


Bad ideas inspire bad behaviour, but which ideas are the ones that are the most potent today, and divides us? A group of researchers have conducted some experiments to find out. Initially they ran their experiment in the US, but they then expanded the scope by crossing into other nations such as the UK, Belgium, … Read more

Pakistani Muslim Doctor threatened for helping non-Muslim

The Guardian recounts the firsthand story written by a Muslim doctor about what happened when he treated a non-Muslim, and how it resulted in him completely changing his entire life and fleeing Pakistan. …one night while working an ER shift, when I received a patient needing urgent dialysis. Unattended and disheveled as he was, there … Read more

How should you cope with religious discrimination at work?

Let’s look at this from both sides. First we will consider the potential for religious people to be discriminated against, and will then move to to consider religious employers discriminating against non-religious employees. If an employer discriminates against a religious person on the sole basis of their specific beliefs, there there are consequences because there … Read more