weird claims

Sometimes you come across folks who feel they are truly entitled to a special privilege. Take for example Mr David Barton. The Friendly Atheist recounts this latest saga of absurdity on steroids … Christian pseudo-historian David Barton gave a sermon last month at Calvary Chapel Salt Lake (Utah) in which he explained the bizarre […]

David Barton: I’ll Only Debate Atheists If I Get to Speak 92% of the Time

Whenever I think I’ve heard all the truly daft religious claims, up pops somebody who is quite determined to push the envelope out into new unchartered and quite bizarre crackpottery. It comes via a chap who appeared on the Jim Baker show, and given that Mr Baker is himself a few clowns short […]

Really Daft Claim: “Stonehenge Built by Race of Satanic Giants”

So today’s weird news is the story of a Texas resident (well where else would you find this) who has made the news because he has discovered “proof” that Noah’s Biblical flood really happened. RawStory reports … A Texas man who discovered what he believes to be prehistoric fossils in his […]

Weird Claim: Texas man discovers “proof” of Noah’s Flood in his back yard