Silly Stuff: “Big Bang Blows Atheism Sky High”

Where this latest “scientific” claim comes from is a conservative “news” site and it is indeed truly weird stuff and quite silly, and yes those air quotes around a couple of words there are well-deserved. Anyway, without any further ado, let’s jump in. The posting by a chap named Matt Barber opens as follows:- The Big Bang … Read moreSilly Stuff: “Big Bang Blows Atheism Sky High”

Claim: “Qur’an mentions the big bang … so it must be of divine origin”

A rather popular pattern is to take some modern scientific fact and claim that an ancient holy text also describes this recently discovered knowledge, hence the ancient holy text must have been written by God / Allah or whatever god concept of choice is being promoted. Almost all beliefs do stuff like this, so it … Read moreClaim: “Qur’an mentions the big bang … so it must be of divine origin”

Where did the Universe come from?

I like to debate in various forums with many different folks about many different things. Why? Well it helps me to learn, and also I like to have my assumptions and thoughts rigorously challenged. In such contexts, I often come across some who express a thought that goes like this … Gosh, the universe is a truly … Read moreWhere did the Universe come from?

No evidence of time before Big Bang

Latest research deflates the idea that the Universe cycles for eternity. Our view of the early Universe may be full of mysterious circles — and even triangles — but that doesn’t mean we’re seeing evidence of events that took place before the Big Bang. So says a trio of papers taking aim at a recent … Read moreNo evidence of time before Big Bang

LHC – latest update

So how are the folks over at the LHC getting on? Quite well apparently … Since December, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been smashing particles together at record-setting energy levels. Physicists hope that those high-energy collisions could replicate the conditions seen immediately after the Big Bang, shedding light on how our universe came to … Read moreLHC – latest update

Comments on “No God needed for Big bang”

As I’m sure you are aware by now, the world famous scientist, Prof. Stephen Hawking, has a new book coming out in which he explains that we don’t need God to explain the Big Bang. Our current understanding of modern physics is now sufficient and leaves no room left for the “God did it” hypothesis. … Read moreComments on “No God needed for Big bang”