What is the worst case scenario for sea level rise?

sea level rise

There is a new study that highlights what needs to happen if we are going to avoid a dramatic rise in sea level by 2100. The worst case scenario that we are now looking at is a rise of about four feet. The Study It is entitled “Linking sea level rise and socioeconomic indicators under … Read more

US Interior Department has no idea why sea level is rising

As yet another data point on the chart of the disconnect between the new US Administration and reality, there was a recent press release that highlights how the frequency of US Coastal flooding will double in the next decades. That risk is of course quite distinctly real. What is absent, the elephant that has apparently stepped … Read more

Antarctic Ice and Three very scary words “We don’t know”

There are some things we do know. For example we know that if all the ice in the Antarctic melted then sea level will rise by about 200 feet (60 meters). So how far above sea level is your house? Actually no, you don’t need to personally worry about waking up tomorrow and finding a super-high … Read more