Ramadan 2015 – rule changes

Ramadan 2015 starts on Thursday, and if this is something you are not familiar with, then I’ll explain briefly. It is a fairly important religious observation practised by many Muslims and involves fasting from sunrise until sunset, and to be clear, when I say fasting, I mean no food or drink. One specific observation about Ramadan … Read more

It’s Ramadan … but only if you live near the equator

Ramadan, is the month during which Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset, and so once it is dark, they can stuff themselves silly. Well OK, not quite everybody, there are some exceptions, for example for those travelling, those with a severe illness, are pregnant, or are breast-feeding. Every day, prior to dawn those taking part have a meal, then fast while the … Read more

Ramadan – decree of a god or man made?

The Islamc month of Ramadan has started. This is a period when Muslims fast and pray for an entire month. OK, first lets clear up a few items, here is a very brief list of things that sometimes confuse non-Muslims: Yes, they are going to fast for a whole month … but only when the … Read more

39 held for violating Ramadan ordinance in Pakistan

Once again Islam is breaching very basic human rights by imposing itself by force upon people … it is in Pakistan, a country where the very concept of any human rights simply fails to exist. Remember, these are the same folks who feel that murder is fine as long as the murderer can chant the right belief and claim that the victim was guilty of being un-Islamic.

Here is today’s news (found here)  …

The owners of 39 hotels, canteens and eateries in Pakistan’s Punjab province were arrested and sent to jail for violating an ordinance that bars eating and serving food in public during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, officials said on Sunday.

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Islam – Arrests and puts of trial two men for eating lunch!!!

Just to illustrate how crazy and totally insane some belief systems can be, we have the case of Hocine Hocini and Salem Fellak who were arrested last august. The hideous crime they are accused of is simply eating lunch on the building site where they worked in Kabylie, northern Algeria … and thats it, nothing … Read more