Islam – Arrests and puts of trial two men for eating lunch!!!

Just to illustrate how crazy and totally insane some belief systems can be, we have the case of Hocine Hocini and Salem Fellak who were arrested last august. The hideous crime they are accused of is simply eating lunch on the building site where they worked in Kabylie, northern Algeria … and thats it, nothing else.

To put this in context, it was the Islamic month of Ramadan, and apparently its against the law to eat. The two men admitted they had been eating, but said they had done it discreetly, and felt they had done nothing wrong. Now, just to be clear here, neither of these two are Muslims, so why the heck does this apply to them. The answer is because Islam is a violent evil belief system that imposes its superstitious nonsense on others. I personally find this to be not only unacceptable, but totally offensive and abusive.

The prosecutors requested three-year prison sentences … so what finally happened. Luckily not everybody is a complete nut-case, the judge at the court in Ain El Hamman threw the case out because “no article [of law] provided for a legal pursuit” against the men.

And so thats it then? … sadly no, this is not an isolated case, two similar cases are scheduled in the coming weeks.

If anybody out there still thinks Islamic law is a good idea, then its time to think again and to … be skeptical.

Full details on the BBC website here …

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