Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer: Politically Incorrect, Just a liar, or Something Else?

Jackson Lahmeyer

Pro-Trump US Senate Candidate Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer posted up a list of things on Jan 13, 2022 that he is claiming are true, but are also politically incorrect. Here is his list … If you are able to think rationally and critically then you will most probably be capable of working out that in one … Read more

The Real Shit

This is simply the real shit, no doubt about it, and I mean that quite literally. Jammie Nicholas is the chap who has apparently come up with the idea of manufacturing Perfume using his own shit, and so to inspire you full of confidence here is a photo of him. Ah yes indeed, every inch … Read more

Islam – Arrests and puts of trial two men for eating lunch!!!

Just to illustrate how crazy and totally insane some belief systems can be, we have the case of Hocine Hocini and Salem Fellak who were arrested last august. The hideous crime they are accused of is simply eating lunch on the building site where they worked in Kabylie, northern Algeria … and thats it, nothing … Read more

Snippits of utter insanity

Today I’m going to return back once more to Poe’s law. Only a few days ago I was blogging about “Internet Laws” and there introduced you to it. However, since then I’ve been exploring it a bit more and so I think I’ll share some of my discoveries with you. As a quick reminder, it … Read more

Its summer, the crazies are out of hibernation at the moment

Its the time of year known as the “Summer silly Season”, and as a prime example we have Channel 4’s 4ThoughtTV. Yes indeed, the bad pun should be a clue that the rest will not be all that well thought out. They appear to have dipped into the shallow end of the gene pool. Last … Read more

How to cope with Westboro Baptist Wingnuts

The Westboro Baptist church truly push the boat of intolerance far out into uncharted territories and are best known for picketing funerals. Yes, you did indeed read that correctly, under the cover of the US first amendment right to freedom of speech they excel at being truly offensive by turning up at funerals and holding … Read more