Ramadan 2015 – rule changes

Ramadan 2015 starts on Thursday, and if this is something you are not familiar with, then I’ll explain briefly. It is a fairly important religious observation practised by many Muslims and involves fasting from sunrise until sunset, and to be clear, when I say fasting, I mean no food or drink. One specific observation about Ramadan … Read more

Tickets now on sale for #QEDCon in 2015

Once again the fabulous QEDCon returns, and tickets are now on sale. What the heck is QEDCon? Starting in February 2011 the Merseyside Skeptics Society, in conjunction with the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society, began organising and presenting an annual two-day skeptical science festival, QED: Question. Explore. Discover … and that is what is going to … Read more