What do Humans actually believe?

This is not a posting about one specific variation of belief, but I will start with one to illustrate the point I’m making. Hemet Mehta, the Friendly Atheist has been doing a series of videos on what various beliefs actually believe, and one of the latest is 10 Things You Should Know About Seventh Day Adventists. … Read moreWhat do Humans actually believe?

The decline and demise of Islam and Christianity

OK, so let’s set a bit of context here. The focus is that I am writing about religious morality, or to be a bit more specific, beliefs that tells you what is and is not right or wrong. Clearly the beliefs that do exactly this tend to dominate today, specifically Islam and also of course Christianity. Now here … Read moreThe decline and demise of Islam and Christianity

An attempted modern Resurrection fails

The astonishing part of this story not only concerns the observation that some religious nut truly believed that he could be buried and then resurrected, but that he also found a few others who were prepared to buy into the absurd idea and bury him alive. It all concerns Shamiso Kanyama, a self-appointed “prophet” who … … Read moreAn attempted modern Resurrection fails

Is ISIS simply a group of Psychopaths?

When faced with the reality of their abhorrent behaviour, especially when they appear to relish and delight in proudly promoting it, a rather natural thought is that they are simply crazy, or to be a tad more clinical, they are a gang of psychopaths. A psychopath is an individual who acts in an uninhibited manner without … Read moreIs ISIS simply a group of Psychopaths?

Why do humans ignore facts and embrace myths as truth

We often find that conversations can play out as follows. Anti-Vaccine friend arguing that vaccines are bad: “There was a scientific study that showed vaccines cause autism.” You reply … “Actually, the researcher in that study lost his medical license, and overwhelming research since then has shown no link between vaccines and autism.” Their rebuttal to those … Read moreWhy do humans ignore facts and embrace myths as truth

Claim: “You are a fool if you do not believe in god”

Franklin Graham, son of the more famous Billy Graham and also CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has written an article in which he claims that those that do not believe in God are fools. Since he has a quote from the bible that says this is so, then I guess it just must be true … Read moreClaim: “You are a fool if you do not believe in god”