Is the Placebo a useful medical intervention?


Alternative medicine is tagged “alternative” because it an intervention that has been demonstrated to not actually do anything medical beyond the placebo effect. Examples abound and include things such as Homeopathy, Reiki, etc… Let’s briefly review those. Examples of Alternative Medicine Homeopathy, dreamed up in 1792. It involves giving you a diluted substance to supposedly … Read more

The Promotion of BS by UK Charities


The basic concept of a charitable organisation is of course well understood. On a legal level, an officially established body is focused on an activity that is designed to promote social well-being and hence does not exist to make a profit. Their finances are open and public, and often they also have income that comes … Read more

Cancer patients using alternative medicine face greatly increased risk of death

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A study was published last year that highlights and underlines the impact of alternative medicine for cancer patients. It is worth reviewing it in order to appreciate that opting for alternative medicine instead of the conventional is a very bad idea. What the study reveals is that if you decide to use alternative medicine as a replacement … Read more

Treating Cancer – snake oil does not actually work

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The Good Thinking Society has posted up a list that reviews for a lot of Alternative Medicine treatments that are claimed as cures for Cancer … Good Thinking are extremely concerned about fundraising appeals designed to raise money for seriously ill people to receive alternative therapies that are not considered mainstream and are typically not … Read more

Alternative medicines can’t escape the long arm of the law

Edzard Ernst is an impressive chap, not only is he a prize-winning physician, but he is also the founder of two medical journals. And if that is not enough, he was also the first chair in complementary medicine at the University of Exeter and is also the co-author of “Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on … Read more