Facebook and “Freedom of Expression”


As the 2020 elections loom in the US and also in the UK in just a few weeks, the role that Facebook plays in swinging the outcome via outright manipulation and lies is coming sharply into focus. “I don’t know, I can’t remember” There was this recent interaction between AOC and Mark Zuckerberg. What happened … Read more Facebook and “Freedom of Expression”

Harry Houdini and Abraham Lincoln

Harry Houdini and Abraham Lincoln

Did you know that Harry Houdini and Abraham Lincoln were good friends and would often meet up? For example, see the picture above. There is of course one rather glaring flaw here. Lincoln was rather famously assassinated on 15 April 1865, and Houdini was born after that in 1874. How then is a picture such … Read more Harry Houdini and Abraham Lincoln

Wingnut Weekly – 27 Oct 2019


It is almost universally true that truth matters. Think of anything familiar and consider the consequences of what would happen if the wingnut policy of “alternative truth” prevailed … Medicine: If you were diagnosed by a guy who simply made up an illness to explain your symptoms because it felt right then how would you … Read more Wingnut Weekly – 27 Oct 2019

Sandy Hook father awarded $450,000

Noah Pozner was one of 20 children killed at Sandy Hook

For most, the loss of a child is an unimaginable devastation. For parents in Sandy Hook the nightmare became reality. Picture in your mind how you would cope and you might then begin to grasp the deep well of despair that they endured. What followed after that was deeply offensive, not just to the parents … Read more Sandy Hook father awarded $450,000