Top 3 weird Religious News Items for the week – Sun 5th March 2017

I appear to have started a weekly posting because this is now the third week of this. Last week’s is here, and so I have now scanned the landscape to bring you three more items of religious weirdness from the past week. Item 1 – Evangelist Franklin Graham: Planned Parenthood Fundraiser is like Building “Nazi Death Camp” Did he actually … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

So today I’m turning in a slightly different direction and am posting a few highlights from some of the truly whacky and utterly bizarre bits of religiously motivated news items that have happened in the past week. You might think that I would need to widen the span of time to say a year to find such items, … Read more

Daft Claim: Gay people are pedophiles who want to recruit your sons

Yep, it’s Pat Robertson of course. So here is how it plays out … A widow writes in concerned about her son who lives with her – no age is specified Apparently her son is in a gay relationship with another man who is married and so she asks for guidance on what to do. … Read more

And this weeks “What the heck” moment is … (Hint: it involves Pat Robertson)

(Not so serious today, this is just for entertainment) For those of you that Use Facebook Pat Robertson has some “Spiritual” guidance for you. Side note, what the heck is “Spiritual” guidance? Apparently, in the 700 club context, it simply means “Whatever Pat Robertson says is fact on behalf of god”. So anyway, a question … Read more

It’s the season of the Atheist Billboards argument once again

I’m starting out with a recent rant by Pat Robertson, but stick with me here, because this posting is not really about his absurd monolog, that is just a platform to get into the real debate about these billboards. Pat Robertson is indeed the gift that just keeps on giving, and so as I’m sure you … Read more