How to be a total arsehole at a school board meeting

If your kid comes running up and presents you with a drawing, then asks how good is it, the only response within your heart is to heap praise upon their efforts and enthuse about how truly wonderful it truly is. It also will of course go up on the fridge or pin board. If an … Read more

Weird Claim: “Biggest Threat to Kids is Hocus Pocus 2 Movie”


Deeply concerned Mom, Jamie Gooch, from Central Texas popped a posting on Facebook. Within this she issued a warning about kids watching the new Disney Hocus Pocus II movie. To be specific it was this posting … She does, somewhere in the middle write, “It seems silly” … yes, Jamie, you nailed it. While I … Read more

Top 3 weird Religious News Items for the week – Sun 5th March 2017

I appear to have started a weekly posting because this is now the third week of this. Last week’s is here, and so I have now scanned the landscape to bring you three more items of religious weirdness from the past week. Item 1 – Evangelist Franklin Graham: Planned Parenthood Fundraiser is like Building “Nazi Death Camp” Did he actually … Read more