Top 3 weird Religious News Items for the week – Sun 5th March 2017

I appear to have started a weekly posting because this is now the third week of this. Last week’s is here, and so I have now scanned the landscape to bring you three more items of religious weirdness from the past week. Item 1 – Evangelist Franklin Graham: Planned Parenthood Fundraiser is like Building “Nazi Death Camp” Did he actually … Read more

Carl Sagan’s Thoughts on Abortion

Carl Sagan’s book titled “Billions and Billions, Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium“, contains a rather interesting chapter on the topic of Abortion. (Chapter 15 to be precise). Side Note: Interestingly enough, Carl himself never once used the phrase “Billion and Billions” in Cosmos. He did of course stress the B … Read more

“The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion” – When the Anti-Choice Choose

Joyce Arthur,a political activist for abortion rights and women’s rights, has a truly fabulous article that she wrote in some time ago that I’ve only just come across it. It is about what happens when those opposed to a woman’s right to choose are suddenly faced with a choice that they deny others. In 2000 she … Read more

Catholic cardinal declares a boycott: I’d personally be embarrassed if he turned up

The Irish premier, Enda Kenny, who leads the Fine Gael-Labour coalition in Ireland that currently holds the seat of power in Ireland, is off on a visit to Boston College to address graduates at the 137th annual Boston College Commencement Exercises on 20 May. In response to this official engagement an American Catholic cardinal, Sean O’Malley, has said he … Read more