Claim: Doctor raised dead man back to life by the power of God

Today’s weird claim is made by Pat Robertson. Apparently a doctor channeled “god” to bring a dead patient back to life … Yes of course Pat, the highly trained medical team with decades of medical experience had absolutely nothing to do with it, and so we can happily dismiss their active intervention and attribute this … Read more

Bizarre Award: Pat Robertson Claims Atheist Who Won’t Believe Might Be Demon-Possessed

For some reason Pat Robertson just keeps popping up. He has a remarkable gift for coming out with some truly weird and wonderfully whacky stuff that leaves you perhaps wondering, “Nah, he just can’t get any weirder” … and yet give him a few weeks and sure enough, up he pops to robustly verify that … Read more

Idiot of the week: Mr Pat Robertson – “Humanists and atheists are responsible for Nazism”

He is at it again, while some might open their mouth to put a foot in, Pat Robertson simple opens his mouth to change feet. His latest Gem comes from the Monday edition of his 700 Club where we find him making the rather absurd claim that humanists and atheists are responsible for Nazism, and … Read more