And this weeks “What the heck” moment is … (Hint: it involves Pat Robertson)

(Not so serious today, this is just for entertainment)

For those of you that Use Facebook Pat Robertson has some “Spiritual” guidance for you.

Side note, what the heck is “Spiritual” guidance? Apparently, in the 700 club context, it simply means “Whatever Pat Robertson says is fact on behalf of god”.

So anyway, a question is asked by a viewer who writes in and enquires if it is OK for her pregnant daughter to post fetal ultrasound photos on Facebook, and in reply Mr Robertson suggests …

“there are demons and there are evil people in the world, and you post a picture like that and some cultist gets hold of it or a coven and they begin muttering curses against an unborn child. You never know what somebody’s going to do.” 

There is only one word for it, the guy is totally and complete nuts and to be frank it is actually quite funny that he actually embraces such medieval superstitious thinking as “truth”  … which is fine, I guess I’m OK with that if it is what floats his boat.

One also can’t help but gasp at the juxtaposing of posting on the Internet being a concern because of the demonic curses it might initiate.

What is perhaps of concern is that he has a vast television audience lapping all this up, and that truly is a scary thought, so there are perhaps only two responses to stuff like this, you can either cry or laugh, and personally I prefer the latter.

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