NASA Satellites Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater


A study was published last Wednesday in Nature by NASA. This is an analysis of freshwater that reveals that Earth’s wet land areas are getting wetter and dry areas are getting drier. Why? It is due to a variety of factors. This includes … human water management climate change natural cycles. Here is a time-lapse … Read more

UK water companies using Water Dousing to find pipes

water dousing

Sally Le Page, whom I have met because she gave a great talk at QED about a year ago, has written an article concerning the rather bizarre practise that is being indulged in by many UK water companies. To detect leaking pipes under the ground they utilise water dousing. In 2017, UK water companies still … Read more

NPS lifts ban on bottled water after demonstrating that it worked

water bottle ban

The US National Park Service strives to take the most reasonable evidence-based stance possible for all decisions and policies. I have a personal example that involves a chat with an NPS employee, a student volunteer who was in a second season of taking people caving. I don’t mean a walk, but instead putting on all … Read more

Bottled Water – Healthy or a con job?

For some reason, water appears to draw a lot of woo these days. The prime example is of course the concept of bottled water. Despite having the stuff on tap, we now have a thriving industry worth about $60 Billion per year; we are awash with brands that promise us both spring water and also purified healthier tap water. In fact, this entire industry is described as  the great con of the century here where it says within a UK Independent newspaper report …

Bottled water is “one of the greatest cons of the 20th century”, due to it being “vastly overpriced” with little to “differentiate it from tap water” according to water companies.

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