Jesus due to return on 21 May 2011

Apparently billboards are appearing all over the US announcing that Jesus will return on 21st May 2011 … (Insert your favorite scoff here). These have all been put up by folks who are followers of Harold Camping. Who? … (Yea, thats exactly what I thought as well, and no I’ve never heard of him either). … Read more

A monument to pure stupidity

There exists a Creation Museum out in Kentucky run by “Answers in Genesis”. They believe in the literal text of Genesis, young earth, evolution is a myth … etc… the usual Creationist kooky stuff … or so I thought. I’ve always considered them to be nuts, but until now I simply did not appreciate how … Read more

PZ gets email from kooks

The author of the worlds most famous science blog, Pharyngula, gets email …and not just any old email, because he appears to attract droves of complete nutters who feel compelled to convert him. So how should you handle such rantings, bin it, ignore it, or have a serious discussion? Well, regardless of how you might … Read more

Creationist Propaganda – The Deceivers

In the middle of an on-line debate a couple of days ago, I made the factual observation that there were zero scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals that supported intelligent design. As a response by a Creationist, I was sent the following “evidence” that is apparently proof that evolution has now been discredited … The … Read more

PZ’s hilariously funny breakdown of a believers email

We all get them, “fan” mail from true believers out to convert you, or just to have a go and vent a bit. Some of us politely engage and debate, others just ignore. However, the true master of the witty reply or takedown has just got to be PZ. On his blog he has published … Read more

Comments on “No God needed for Big bang”

As I’m sure you are aware by now, the world famous scientist, Prof. Stephen Hawking, has a new book coming out in which he explains that we don’t need God to explain the Big Bang. Our current understanding of modern physics is now sufficient and leaves no room left for the “God did it” hypothesis. … Read more