Could the Net become self-aware?

The question, “Could the Net become self-aware?” is one that I would normally dismiss quite quickly. If your source for good science is simply ripping off the plot from Terminator, then god help us if you ever moved beyond that and watched the Matrix. The question has indeed come up (well of course it has, … Read moreCould the Net become self-aware?

“New Scientist” has some predictions for 2011

New Scientist has a few thoughts on what next year might bring to us all, and why not, its that time of year again … So what is the basis for their thoughts … a best guess? Nope, they got Samuel Arbesman, who works on computational approaches to the study of science at Harvard Medical … Read more“New Scientist” has some predictions for 2011

Creationist Propaganda – The Utterly Clueless

In the middle of an on-line debate a couple of days ago, I made the factual observation that there were zero scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals that supported intelligent design. As a response by a Creationist, I was sent the following “evidence” that is apparently proof that evolution has now been discredited … The … Read moreCreationist Propaganda – The Utterly Clueless