The Rise and Fall of Creationist Kent Hovind

Young Earth Creationist Kent Hovind is perhaps best known as the guy who runs the dollar store Dinosaur Adventure Land that is located behind his home in Pensacola Florida. The big one is of course Ken Ham’s one hundred million dollar Ark Encounter located in Williamstown, KY. Ken’s theology, like Hovind’s, is founded upon a … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

weird religious news

You might wonder if I ever reach a point where I am not actually shocked by some of the truly weird things that are inspired and justified in the name of religion. I do confess that I wonder if such a point will ever be reached, and yet when tempted to think along those lines, … Read more

Daft Claims: “Bible Contradictions are a test”

I am at times often tempted to think that no well-educated individual could possibly be truly daft, and yet I do also need to come to terms with the reality that we live in a world peopled with some who are quite determined to prove me quite wrong about that, and I have too admit many do … Read more

PZ’s hilariously funny breakdown of a believers email

We all get them, “fan” mail from true believers out to convert you, or just to have a go and vent a bit. Some of us politely engage and debate, others just ignore. However, the true master of the witty reply or takedown has just got to be PZ. On his blog he has published … Read more