Douchebag Rising

This I love … over on Pharyngula PZ gives a very nice sequence of events that illustrates an example of a Douchebag of epic proportions … truly hilarious. The brief summary is … oh heck no, I’ll not spoil the fun, just go read it. You can also read more about it here. Least you wonder, … Read more

Freethought blogs – up and running now

Folks, the new Freethought blogs are now up and running, this includes the new Pharyngula. Confused? Well, PZ explains … You may be wondering why I had to change my address, why I’m cruelly forcing you to update your RSS feeds, … National Geographic will be taking a more active role in hosting the ScienceBlogs … Read more

Yet More Creationist email for PZ …

When a kooky creationist email pops up, it deserves the satire and mocking that PZ dispenses over on Pharyngula to the great amusement of us all, but what happens when a 12 years old attempts to take him on? It can be argued that an adult has had sufficient time in this world to read … Read more

PZ gets email from kooks

The author of the worlds most famous science blog, Pharyngula, gets email …and not just any old email, because he appears to attract droves of complete nutters who feel compelled to convert him. So how should you handle such rantings, bin it, ignore it, or have a serious discussion? Well, regardless of how you might … Read more

Confrontation vs. Accommodation …

Yesterday a debate took place between a few of my favorite folks … namely Chris Mooney, Eugenie Scott, Victor Stenger, and PZ. I’m not going to get bogged down into a blow by blow description, but will instead pluck out a few words said by PZ, specifically because they pushed one of my hot buttons … Read more