Are Atheists smarter than Religious people?

There is a prevailing thought that Atheists tend to be smarter than religious people. Is this just a belief based upon anecdotal observations or is it actually true? To put that question another way, I used to be religious, today I’m not. Does that imply that I have have become a lot smarter? There does … Read more

Vending machines for some very smart crows


New Caledonian crows are smart, very very smart. Last January the BBC highlighted a study that illustrated their tool making ability. They were shaping hooks out of plant material that they then used to fish for insets. These were not simply random twigs, but consisted of hooks that were far more efficient. These crows are … Read more

Debunking: the non-religious are smarter than the religious

religious intelligence

A couple of days ago the UK’s Independent, and several other media outlets, have promoted this claim … Religious people are, on average, less intelligent than atheists, researchers claim.  To be clear, this posting is not simply a dig at the Independent. Other outlets ran with the same story. The International Business Times very explicitly … Read more

#watersportsgate and Golden Showers

What is perhaps shocking about this entire saga is that some are genuinely shocked, and that is indeed rather surprising because the claim is well within scope of the type of personality he has spent the past year projecting. The response on twitter under the hash tag #watersportsgate is also highly amusing. Should we be sympathetic and … Read more

Does religious belief imply stupidity?

Does being religious justify being labelled “stupid?”. The short simple answer is – No, there are plenty of very smart highly intelligent humans who are also religious, in fact some of the most famous thinkers, philosophers, and scientists in history have been religious. Ah, so that might imply some truth then? Actually no, not at … Read more