Pastor says “99% Sure Russia Not Invading Ukraine”

Pick almost any nation on the planet, tune into the local News, and you will be faced with Wall to Wall coverage of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. Unless you live within the highly censored Russian media bubble, you simply cannot miss the stark and stomach churning details of what is happening. Despite that, some … Read more

#watersportsgate and Golden Showers

What is perhaps shocking about this entire saga is that some are genuinely shocked, and that is indeed rather surprising because the claim is well within scope of the type of personality he has spent the past year projecting. The response on twitter under the hash tag #watersportsgate is also highly amusing. Should we be sympathetic and … Read more

Russian Hacking … an analysis of the evidence

Because I use WordPress to host this site, I also use a well-known WordPress security plugin called wordfence. If you have a wordpress site, you probably should look into ramping up your security with wordfence or similar. I have the free version, and no this is not an ad. The price for having their free version is that … Read more

Sadly that signal was not ‘Aliens’

You might have become rather excited if you spotted the news about the detection of an apparently artificial signal coming from a distant star, for example The Observer published this on 29th Aug … Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space If the signal is truly from an alien world, … Read more

The Russian Meteor … reports that 950 have been injured

OK lets first clear something up … the Russian meteor, pictured left, that blasted across the sky above Russia’s Ural Mountains this morning, causing explosions and smashing windows, is not related in any way to asteroid 2012 DA14 which passes the earth in the closest ever recorded fly-by of an object of its size. Now that we … Read more