Debunking: the non-religious are smarter than the religious

religious intelligence

A couple of days ago the UK’s Independent, and several other media outlets, have promoted this claim … Religious people are, on average, less intelligent than atheists, researchers claim.  To be clear, this posting is not simply a dig at the Independent. Other outlets ran with the same story. The International Business Times very explicitly … Read more

What should an Atheist do at a religious funeral?

I’ve come across a rather nice answer to a letter written within The Star, a paper that is part of the Canadian Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. The question submitted was as follows … How is one to conduct themselves at a funeral when one doesn’t practice the religion? I am a 55-year-old atheist. I know many … Read more

How to be religious and also very obnoxious

Matt Barber would like to convince you that you are wrong for not believing exactly what he believes. His strategy is to advise that his belief is quite obviously true, and you are delusional if you don’t just believe it despite the complete lack of any evidence. He even has a bible quote that declares you to be an … Read more

Congressman Barney Frank’s deep dark secret that was buried for years – #OpenlySecular

Congressman Barney Frank had a deep dark secret that he kept hidden for rather a long time, if it had been revealed then his career might have been destroyed. If you are perhaps wondering who? well he is is an American politician, and member of the Democratic party,  who served as a member of the U.S. House of … Read more

Does religious belief imply stupidity?

Does being religious justify being labelled “stupid?”. The short simple answer is – No, there are plenty of very smart highly intelligent humans who are also religious, in fact some of the most famous thinkers, philosophers, and scientists in history have been religious. Ah, so that might imply some truth then? Actually no, not at … Read more

Six types of atheists … some further thoughts.

Back in July two researchers at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga considered the idea that atheists and agnostics fell into distinct categories, so they conducted a study to find out what those categories were. From this they identified six different types (yes, I blogged about it before). It attracted rather a lot of attention at … Read more