Embracing the pain of doubt with uncomfortable questions about the real origin of Islam

Last Tuesday ( 28th Aug) the BBC broadcast a very interesting program Islam: The Untold Story.In this,historian Tom Holland examines the real evidence regarding the origins of Islam. Traditionally, Muslims and non-Muslims alike have believed that Islam was born in the full light of history. But a large number of historians doubt that presumption, and … Read more

Claim: “Islam light”, the secular version, is nice and also historical

There is an interesting and thought-provoking article is today’s UK Guardian. Tehmina Kazi, the director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy writes about a new paper by Ishtiaq Hussain, published by Faith Matters. In this he outlines how the Ottoman sultans, or caliphs, in the 18th and 19th centuries took a very secular approach. OK, … Read more

Life’s a Beach

Right now I’m in Ireland on the North Antrim coast. Its a very interesting area. OK, yes I’ve been to the Bushmills distillery to sample the water of life, thats where you take the tour, then get to sample the product afterwards, but thats not what I’m on about. All along the coast there exists … Read more