Enthralled by Conspiracy Theories

I don’t often agree with Mehdi Hasan, but when it comes to a recent article of his in the New Statesman, I find that I do. He is a devout Muslim, who when faced with the ongoing conspiracy dialog within the Muslim world, is finding that he is becoming quite frustrated by it all. He writes … Read more

Why are Conspiracy Theories embraced at “truth” within the Muslim world?

Trying to grasp why specific ideas that are complete and utter bullshit are embraced as truth is always an interesting question to ponder over, in fact I was doing exactly that a few days ago, so when I came across an article by Mehdi Hasan (a Muslim) it caught my eye. Mr Hasan, is one of those chaps … Read more

How do you Deprogram people who hold strange beliefs?

I had a conversation today with a chap who is totally sure that the illuminate are real and that they control everything. He starts off by suggesting “Russia is an illuminati’s puppet just like America and other countries.“. Now, you do know that the word “illuminati” is a big bold red flag that announces “here … Read more