Is Mandating Ten Commandments in schools crazy?

Spoiler alert – the short answer is “yes”. Here now is the longer answer that not only explains why, by not just having a pop at the ten commandments as a concept, but also digs into the flaws in the Act and highlights how the lawsuit filed yesterday to counter it is rather solid. To … Read more

Property Rights vs Sexual Abuse … Property Wins – WTF!

This is a posting about a recent Louisiana legal ruling that is quite frankly bizarre. It concerns a push against the victims of sexual abuse and involves shutting them out of the legal process. Children who are Victims of sexual abuse were thrown a lifeline when various states passed the Child Victims Act. Here for … Read more

Catholics in Washington (DC) challenge law empowering abuse survivors

A couple of weeks ago I was writing about how the Southern Baptist Convention had decided that it was a good look to pile into a sexual abuse case in KY that was nothing to directly do with them on the side of the abusers and against the victims. Why did they do that? Well, … Read more

Sexual Abuse: SBC Is Attacking The Victims

To appreciate what is going on I first need to get you up to speed on some background stuff. Once we have that foundation in place I can then explain the rather bizarre legal move that has been made by the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention). Le’s start with a question – when sexual abuse accusations … Read more

Jaw Dropping lawsuit filed against AFA Hate group by long term employee

The American Family Association name sounds like a warm cuddly group. Don’t however let that name fool you, instead judge them by their actual actions. In reality they are a group of right-wing religious fanatics who devote vast sums of money attacking the basic human rights of marginalised people. Based out of Tupelo, Mississippi they tick … Read more

SCOTUS Endorses Homophobic Bigotry and uses a Lie to do it

Last week SCOTUS wrapped things up and in doing so dropped a few bombshells. Amongst all this noise was the publication of their utterly bizarre decision on 303 Creative. Link to SCOCUS Doc – 303 CREATIVE LLC ET AL. v. ELENIS ET AL. It concerned a graphic design business called 303 Creative LLC that is … Read more