Phone Call

While looking down into the abyss and ready to step out, my mobile rings … Caller: “Hi, this is [name removed], Have you got a moment? I just wanted to chat about (He mentions some work related techno-babble)” Me: “Er .. can we do this some other time, I’m currently standing at the top of … Read more Phone Call

Crackergate revisited

In 2008, PZ Myers, an associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota’s Morris campus stirred up a considerable degree of controversy with the following post on his famous Pharyngula blog Can anyone out there score me some consecrated communion wafers? There’s no way I can personally get them — my local churches have … Read more Crackergate revisited

Woo words – Watch out for these Red Flags

There are specific red-flag words that should trigger your bullshit alarm whenever you hear them. I’d recommend that you build up and keep your own list, but to ensure that you get the idea I’ll start you off with an initial list and take you through a few examples. “energy” – This is a word … Read more Woo words – Watch out for these Red Flags