Immortality – Reversing Aging

There is news today about some Harvard scientists who have successfully rejuvenated worn out organs in elderly mice. In fact, the claim in the press reads … “turned weak and feeble old mice into healthy animals by regenerating their aged bodies.”. Now this sounds fascinating, but is it really true? A ton of questions fall … Read more

Wikileaks – A political game changing disruptive technology

It is quite frankly fascinating to observe how technology has enabled one loan individual go to war against the US administration. This appears to have all started with the disclosure of the Iraq war documents last October that brought to light the “intimate details” of the conflict, where we soon learned some of the dirty … Read more

Christopher Hitchens – “I propose a pact with the faithful”

Here is a nice quote that I’ve lifted directly from the transcript of his debate with Tony Blair … “The way I phrase it in my book, available at fine bookstores everywhere, is that I propose a pact with the faith, the faithful, I’ll take it again, quoting from the great Thomas Jefferson, I don’t … Read more

Webcast Summary: Tony Blair vs Christopher Hitchens

First the most immediate (and most common) question … “Is there an archive of the webcast available?” … The answer is yes.  … If you go to you can pay them, $2.99 to get access. Now don’t be shocked, yes they want a few bucks, but its only $2.99, they are not a charity, … Read more

Amazing discovery: Atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Rhea is 70% Oxygen

Its a truly amazing discovery … the Cassini mission, jointly run by NASA and European Space Agency, has enabled the discovery that Rhea, the second largest moon of Saturn, has an atmosphere that is 70 per cent oxygen and 30 per cent carbon dioxide. This evokes one word … I believe its a scientific term … Read more