Derren Brown – Experiments … the secret of luck

Derren Brown, the UK-based illusionist, mentalist, painter, writer and skeptic has just finished a TV series called “The Experiments”. The last episode, “the secret of luck” was last night, so it is that I am now blogging about, but first, a bit of background. Derren is well-known for some truly amazing illusions and feats of … Read more

Taking on the Faith Healers – “Miracles for Sale”

The famous illusionist, Darren Brown, has taken on faith healers with a new show called “Miracles for Sale”. He was interviewed about it in the Guardian here prior to broadcast. It reads …

Brown grew up Christian and saw faith healers as “worrisome” but not to be taken too seriously – a view he didn’t change until he abandoned his faith. “Coming out of Christianity altogether and having a slightly clearer sense in my own mind of what I believed and what I didn’t believe … it was much clearer to me: no, no, this is just a scam,” he says.

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