Halloween – the official Zombie Day


What do we actually know about Halloween? Most of us happily accept the traditions and do not give too much thought to the origins of it all. Given that today is the day, let’s mull over it all a bit with a couple of questions. Where does the name “Halloween” come from? Traditionally, Halloween is Hallows’ … Read more

Harry Houdini and Abraham Lincoln

Harry Houdini and Abraham Lincoln

Did you know that Harry Houdini and Abraham Lincoln were good friends and would often meet up? For example, see the picture above. There is of course one rather glaring flaw here. Lincoln was rather famously assassinated on 15 April 1865, and Houdini was born after that in 1874. How then is a picture such … Read more

Claim: Photo of a Floating Spirit captured after fatal crash

A couple of days ago Saul Vazquez, a Kentucky truck driver, passed an accident that looked really bad, so he took a picture (see above), posted it to Facebook, and advised all reading it to take care out there. It has been shared 13,295 times, and is also all over the media now. Why? Well, apparently he … Read more