Halloween – the official Zombie Day


What do we actually know about Halloween? Most of us happily accept the traditions and do not give too much thought to the origins of it all. Given that today is the day, let’s mull over it all a bit with a couple of questions. Where does the name “Halloween” come from? Traditionally, Halloween is Hallows’ … Read more

A truly scary halloween story

Over at the University of Wisconsin–Madison a graveyard has appeared, as it has for the past few years, that is dedicated to gods that have fallen out of favour and so are now dead and gone, not that there were ever here except in the minds of their followers. There are plenty to choose from, I’m sure … Read more

Graveyard of the Gods

Somebody has gone to the trouble of creating a completely fake graveyard, and if you are wondering why, well perhaps there is a hint in the date – 31st Oct. OK, so the story here is that this is of course a Halloween event, but one that is not simply designed to entertain, it actually … Read more