The Video is up for the Sean Carroll & William Lane Craig Debate

I blogged about the Sean Carroll vs William Lane Craig Debate a few days ago, and alas that was only impressions from notes. Well, the update is that the full recording is now available, and so here it is below … (or here) .. Oh and before you leap in, you may want to consider the … Read more

Creationist Debate: Ken Ham vs Bill Nye – It’s today, but is it a good idea?

Today is the day that Ken Ham, the creationist kook (boo), and Bill Nye the science guy (yea), go head to head in debate … oh sorry, did I betray an ever so slight bias there? Well, the facts are that creationism has no evidence, zero, nada, zilch and is just wrong. There is no … Read more

The Origin of the Universe … another “Allah did it” claim.

It appears to be a rather common and very persistent religious belief. Today’s example comes from a young chap called Razeem Naushad, who has popped up and with a bit of a swagger, is attempting to make an “Allah” claim as follows … Haha…when I hv added to this group I saw a question asking me … Read more

I’m not quite getting this Christmas Story … I’m a tad confused, can anybody help?

We all know the Christmas story right? But what do we actually find if we open up the alpha source, the bible, apparently it does not align with our pre-conceived modern understanding. Where did Mary and Joseph actually live? In Matthew we discover that Mary and Joseph lived in Bethlehem in their own house. – There … Read more

Claim: “Evolution is a Lie” – How should you address this claim?

There is an almost perpetual and on-going background chatter that claims evolution is a lie. If you are familiar with this claim then here is where you insert your face-palm moment. Once again today I tripped over several such claims, all from Muslims who were 100% sure. You might or might not be aware, but … Read more