Debating Evolution with the crazies – Hints and Tips

If, like me, you engage in on-line discussions with theist crazies, then you will know that at some point Evolution will pop up. It is usually unexpected (but not always), for example yesterday when engaged in a debate with an Islamic fanatic about the existence of God (which is usually a claim that is some variation of one of the three famous arguments, the Cosmological, the Teleological, or the Ontological) we suddenly take a left-hand turn and Darwin pops up which then leaves all the non-believers thinking, “WTF, where did that come from?“, and soon we were buried in heaps of anti-evolution quotes.

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How accurate are the gospels?

An interesting thread opened up on the JREF forums when a devout believer who calls himself 154 started a thread entitled “Why do you hate Jesus?”. Many folks politely pointed out several issues that the poster needed to seriously consider and also explained that the JREF skeptics were not secret believers who hated Jesus (which … Read more