Unbound: Life beyond faith … ex-Muslims speak out.

The Ex-Muslims of North America group has started a new initiative. Here is their formal press release that was issued on 9th Dec … “Unbound: Life Beyond Faith” is a new video series which provides a brief glimpse into the lives of apostates from around the United States and Canada. Even in the West, many Ex-Muslims remain closeted … Read more

The Video is up for the Sean Carroll & William Lane Craig Debate

I blogged about the Sean Carroll vs William Lane Craig Debate a few days ago, and alas that was only impressions from notes. Well, the update is that the full recording is now available, and so here it is below … (or here) .. Oh and before you leap in, you may want to consider the … Read more

Video: What is Skepticism?

Not too long ago the JREF ran a workshop on what it really means to be skeptical, and the good news is that they have now released a complete video of it all, so no need to travel to LA, you can watch it on-line at your own pace. First the description … The common … Read more

Further Up Yonder

Giacomo Sardelli, an Italian film student, has used Nasa still images to create a film that he calls a message from the ISS to all humankind. He explains here … I wanted to use pictures taken from the International Space Station to tell a story and share the message sent by the astronauts who worked on the … Read more