Book Alert: “The Big Picture” by Sean Carroll

Hey heads up folks, Sean Carroll’s new book, “The Big Picture” is finally available as of 10th May, and it looks really interesting. Side note: I have no financial interest here, this is purely a personal book recommendation for something that I think looks very good. No I have not read it yet, it has … Read more

The “Death is not Final” debate is up on YouTube now #AfterDeath

I blogged about the “Death is not Final” debate a few days ago, but until now all you had were my notes. Now, here is the actual debate itself … What strikes me as an interesting discovery is that both of those for the motion, Dr. Eben Alexander (Neurosurgeon & Author, Proof of Heaven), and … Read more

The Video is up for the Sean Carroll & William Lane Craig Debate

I blogged about the Sean Carroll vs William Lane Craig Debate a few days ago, and alas that was only impressions from notes. Well, the update is that the full recording is now available, and so here it is below … (or here) .. Oh and before you leap in, you may want to consider the … Read more

Debate Notes: Sean Carroll vs William Lane Craig

Last weekend, physicist Sean Carroll debated William Lane Craig at the Greer-Heard Forum (a program of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) Alas, no recording … yet. I did not watch this and was under the assumption that I could catch it the next day on YouTube … but no, the YouTube live stream went private. My guess is … Read more