Apparently the Earthquake in Napal was caused by humans being sinful

It would appear to be rather inevitable that whenever something tragic happens, up will pop some religious person to utilise it as a soapbox for the promotion of a specific religious stance, and so up pops Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis to explain it as follows … starting from the history recorded in God’s … Read more

Italian Scientists Jailed for not predicting earthquake – Verdict Overturned

Back in 2012 there was an apparently utterly absurd decision by an Italian court to convict six scientists and a government official for failing to give an adequate warning of a 2009 Earthquake and sentenced them all to six years in prison. That 2012 judgement has now been overturned. As explained in Wired … An appeals court in … Read more

Iceland Volcano – How can I find out what is going on?

As you might, or perhaps might not, be aware, Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano is building up to a potential eruption … or not. Here below is a quick snapshot of what has been happening during the past 48 hours, and as you can see, not only have rather a lot of Earthquakes been hitting the area, but … Read more

Claim: “Six Scientists go on trial next week for failure to predict earthquake” – not quite correct.

Some utter insanity has apparently broken out in Italy. The BBC Newsnight page reports that seven scientists are, in a Galileo-style inquisition, to stand trial next week for failing to accurately predict the precise timing of an earthquake. Wow … scientists accused of failing to predict an earthquake? Actually no, that is not what is … Read more