Leaving islam for many is a death sentence

The normal social expectation is that religious beliefs are in many ways akin to joining a social club, and is a place you can come and go as you please. Nope, sadly it is not like that at all. Many variations of belief, not all, play the guilt card and so they psychologically manipulate people … If you are not attending regularly on a weekly basis, then they will explain that you are not supporting god in the manner that you should […]


Teenager sent to jail in Turkey for the crime of calling for secularism

You may have heard about the story of a teenager in Turkey who was sent to jail for apparently insulting the president. Now the words “teen” and “insult” might conjure up in your mind some rebellious kid yelling unprintable abuse at a well-respected politician, but that is not what went down here, this is something quite different. This is a story about a brave kid (pictured below) who read out a statement hailing the principles of secularism as enshrined by the Turkish […]


Islamic sense of humour failure 1

Citizen Khan (pictured above) is a family-based British sitcom produced by the BBC and created by Adil Ray. It is set in Sparkhill, Birmingham, described by its lead character a Pakistani Muslim Mr Khan (Adil Ray) as “the capital of British Pakistan.” Citizen Khan follows the trials and tribulations of Mr Khan, a loud-mouthed, patriarchal, self-appointed community leader, and his long suffering wife (played by Shobu Kapoor) and daughters Shazia (Maya Sondhi) and Alia (Bhavna Limbachia) … … and yes, that name is of course a hat tip to Citizen Kane. OK, let’s […]


The Quote Mining of Sam Harris 1

If you have ever debated a Creationist then the concept of Quote Mining will be familiar. This is where a specific quote is lifted out of its original context and then presented in isolation in order to verify the quote miner’s view. For example, Darwin wrote the following in the Origin of the species … To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction […]


Fallacy of the week: “They” (ISIS) are not “True” Muslims 8

The “No true Scotsman” ploy is an informal fallacy that is commonly deployed in order to maintain a specific position. For example … Person A – Islam is a religion of peace Person B – But what about ISIS? Person A – Ah but they are not “true” Muslims. Who first pointed out that “no true scotsman” was a fallacy? It comes from a book by well-known philosopher, Antony Flew “Thinking About Thinking: Do I Sincerely Want to Be Right?” (1975). There he […]


The promotion of fake pictures to establish an Islamic conspiracy claim 1

The above picture is doing the rounds. If in fact you google the image, you will discover that it is all over the place as “evidence” that ISIS are really being run secretly by the US army. As an example, here is a posting of the above on Facebook, that comes with the following text … This ASTONISHING PICTURE has just been tweeted by British MP George Galloway; it’s astonishing because it exposes US troops posing as ISIS TERRORISTS…So there are […]