The promotion of fake pictures to establish an Islamic conspiracy claim 1

The above picture is doing the rounds. If in fact you google the image, you will discover that it is all over the place as “evidence” that ISIS are really being run secretly by the US army. As an example, here is a posting of the above on Facebook, that comes with the following text … This ASTONISHING PICTURE has just been tweeted by British MP George Galloway; it’s astonishing because it exposes US troops posing as ISIS TERRORISTS…So there are […]


British man and Saudi wife attacked by religious police

Gulf News reports the horrendous story about how the religious police hounded a British Man and his Saudi Wife and then attacked them. The story is that the Brit, Peter Haworth, and his Saudi wife were out shopping in a supermarket, and after collecting the goods they wanted, proceeded to a checkout that was reserved for women and families. When the religious police spotted this, they went over and challenged him by demanding to know why he was using a checkout that […]

A still from the clip showing the assault

“Asian” is the wrong word for what happened in #Rotherham

There has been rather a lot of news in the UK regarding the horrendous volume of abuse that has been discovered to have been taking place in Rotherham, by “Asian” men. What has also been exposed is that both the police and also the social services turned a blind eye to it all. Professor Alexis Jay, author of the Rotherham abuse report, speculated that this was motivated by a fear of being labelled racist. One other additional nugget is that pleas were raised by […]


Stoning is “NOT” a complex issue 1

Jesus and Mo illustrates what happens when you raise the topic of stoning in a public debate … Now this is where you might be tempted to chip in and suggest that the above is a cartoon, and that it does not in any way represent how a devout Muslim would really reply …. well, hold that thought, because the above is in fact a wholly accurate description of the dialog that was exchanged on last sunday’s BBC “The Big Debate”. […]


Meriam Ibrahim not being released

News has been circulating in the media that Meriam Ibrahim, the woman under sentence of death in Sudan for marrying a Christian, is to be released. For example … BBC here Guardian here Sadly this is not true, her lawyer has advised Channel 4 as follows … Ms Ibrahim’s lawyer Elshareef Ali Elshareef Mohammed told Channel 4 News that she is currently being held in the hospital ward of a prison that is overcrowded and “not a proper place” for a new mother. […]

Meriam Ibrahim

UK based Hate Group has charitable status for promoting intolerance

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain has produced a rather extensive report on the activities of iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy) within the UK that reveals them to not be what they claim at all. So what do iERA claim? They claim that they are a group that is … “committed to educating and informing humanity about the truth and noble message of Islam“. In other words, they exist to spread the message of Islam. The problem of course rests […]