Andrew Brown

Quite clearly we in the UK are undergoing a huge shift in our cultural thinking. A recent YouGov poll carried out by Lancaster University has revealed that “No Religion” is very much the rising demographic … Of the adult population as a whole, 46% now identify as having no religion (nones) […]

Is “No Religion” the rising inevitable trend in the UK?

Andrew Brown over at the Guardian is rather gifted at constructing what can be best termed “Clickbait”, he often writes something that is so utterly absurd that it ends up sucking many into a heated debate. I’m never entirely sure if that is by design, or is simply the natural byproduct of what […]

Claim: “I don’t believe people who say they loathe Islam but not Muslims”

Often a couple of words alone are enough to cause many to simply roll their eyes, and today’s example of that is “Andrew Brown”. Within his latest Guardian article, he attempts to make the claim … It is psychologically unnatural to claim that you hate an ideology without hating the […]

UK’s Guardian takes stance against freedom of speech, tolerance and liberty.