How high is our committed sea-level Rise?

sea level rise

We know that the rate that sea level rise is happening is accelerating, and we also understand exactly why this is happening. The cause is human generated fossil fuel emissions of greenhouse gases. We have precise measurements of what the levels of CO2 have been over the past 800,000 years from ice core samples and … Read more

Ghost Forests – #climate

ghosts forests

There is an associated press article that has initiated a series of media articles about what are called ghost forests. Let’s start by defining what the term “Ghost forest” actually means and what causes this to happen. Basically, when sea level rises after an earthquake or due to climate change, a forested coastal region can become … Read more

New Study: The rate of Sea level Rise has tripled since 1990

sea level rise

A new study revealed the results of a reassessment of global sea levels. The result is the insight that the rate at which sea level is rising has greatly accelerated in recent decades. What Exactly Does this new study do? We have precise measurements via satellite, so we do know exactly where sea level is … Read more

Sea level rise projections have been revised upwards

Sea Level is rising. As illustrated above, it is been slowly doing so for some time, this is a measurable verified fact. If you ever wondered if there was some unambiguous clear decisive evidence that the world truly is warming then this is it. Crack open the Wikipedia page on the topic and you will read some … Read more

Rising Seas in California – New Report, #Climate

A group of climate experts commissioned by the state of California have published a draft 71 page report that details the factors that affect how much the ocean will rise along California’s coast in coming decades. This contains the best available and latest information on sea-level science. You can find the full report here at this link. … Read more

Coastal Carolina officials not willing to prepare for #climate change

A rather obvious threat facing the costal region of the Carolinas is sea level rise. So how are government officials within the impacted areas preparing their communities? Brian Bulla, a researcher based at Appalachian State University, conducted a survey of official in 20 coastal counties. He then published the results in Ocean & Coastal Management within a paper entitled … Read more